A Stylish Accessory

When it comes to clothing accessories, one of the staples in your closet should be a leather belt. An outfit can look far more professional with a belt attached, particularly if the belt is made of leather. The material alone is usually equated with luxury and high-class. However, taking care of that leather can be difficult. It’s easy for leather to become damaged even if you’re just cleaning it. This article will cover six tips on how to take care of your leather belts and keep them looking as new as the day you bought them.

1. Clean Exterior Regularly

Over time, the leather can pick up the oil on your fingers whenever you grab it and pass it through your pant loops. This oil can damage the leather if left on there for some time. Considering that you’re wearing your leather belt everywhere you go, the leather is also subjected to environmental stressors like dust, dirt, and other grime. As such, you can extend the life of your leather belt and keep it looking new by regularly cleaning it. Once a week, you can easily add a few drops of mild soap into two cups of water that is warm. Mix it up until it becomes sudsy, then use a soft cloth to dip it into the water and clean along the belt to remove that oil and dirt.

2. Deal With Stains Quickly

Despite your best intentions, you may find that you stain your belt with grease or ink. In the case of grease, you can easily clean them off by wiping it off with a cloth. In the case of an ink stain, you can easily take a cloth or a cotton swab and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Rub the stain with the cloth or swab until the stain is removed.

3. Deep Stains

In the case that your belt is stained by blood, food, or that glass of wine, you need to act quickly. You should create a paste of lemon juice and tartar and then apply it over the stain. It’s okay to apply a lot of the paste. You should aim for around 10 minutes before wiping the paste off and cleaning the belt as described before.

4. Reconditioning

Flexibility is an important aspect of your leather belt. You can help it maintain flexibility and looking vibrant. White vinegar and linseed oil should be mixed together. Take a cloth and place it in the solution before running it across the belt. This mixture should sit on the leather for around 15 minutes before being wiped off with a dry cloth.

5. Store Properly

Besides just cleaning your leather belts regularly, you need to make sure that you store them well, too. Nothing looks worse than a wrinkled belt. As such, you should hang up your belt vertically and high enough that it doesn’t touch the floor. The area should also be dry.

6. Leather Preservatives

One last thing you can do to preserve your leather belt is to add the oil and preservatives that many businesses offer. These oils keep the leather hydrated, so it doesn’t crack over time. It also can preserve the beautiful color.

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